I had wanted to purchase a telephoto lens, but as I tried out different lenses at the London Drugs in Grand Prairie, a telephoto lens suddenly didn’t feel like the right thing for me. Since I am running my own business as a landscaper, I decided I needed a wide-angle lens. So, I purchased a package kit that came with two lens: an EF 18-50 mm lens and an EF 10-18 mm lens that stops down to f/1.5.  I also bought a variable neutral density filter with a built-in lock and a rotating front ring that provides 1-8 stops, allowing me to control how much light to block out in order to obtain the sharpest, most stunning photo on a bright, sunny day.



The above photos were taken with the neutral density filter attached to my 18-50mm lens.


My visit with my brother in Dawson Creek was relaxing and low key. I am a high energy person who thrives on adventure, doing various activities that involve physical work to one extent or the other. But this holiday, I actually enjoyed the down time, so much, I picked up a pen and worked on my novel, God’s Kingdom (Yes, I’m writing another novel! This one begins in 12th century Germany and follows my main characters to the Holy Land where they defend the faltering Kingdom of Jerusalem against Salah-ah-Din.  If interested, visit crusadesandcrusaders.com).

Within a week, I managed to complete — handwritten — seven chapters!


I wrote so much, my neck began to ache. Exhaustion overtook me to the point where I woke up one morning feeling like I had drank a large bottle of wine the night before. So, I had to pry myself away from my writing in order to get familiar with my new lenses.


As with anything, these new lenses provide a new learning curve for me. Since I haven’t quite mastered the manual focus function on either lens, I resorted to the automatic function when zooming.

My brother’s dog, Chelsey.

Though the automatic focus does serve a purpose when the perfect scene or moment is fleeting and you have only a couple of minutes, if that, to capture it.

I regretfully admit I haven’t had much opportunity to practice with my new lenses since I’ve returned home from my visit in Dawson Creek, but as the landscaping season slows down, I will be seeking new opportunities to practice.




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