Just before I helped my friend move to Powell River, I bought myself a polarizing filter.  The reason for doing this: I want to learn how to capture the milky water-look in broad daylight while retaining accuracy in colour and sharpness in the photo.

I quickly discovered this was no easy task to accomplish, especially since I prefer my own two hands over my tripod.

One evening a couple of weeks ago, I decided to sit at the beach and photograph the waves crashing on shore.  They weren’t big waves, but their breaking on the shore was still spectacular enough to capture the image I had in mind to create.  It took several tries for me to capture the ‘right’ image even with the polarizing filter on my lens.


But eventually I figured it out.


It also took much effort to shoot with a steady hand.


All of these photos were shot in Manual mode with the Shutter speed set to 1/4th of a second and the corresponding aperture set to f/22.

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