Writing is another passion of mine!  It is the cornerstone of my life.  Over the past ten years, I have written and published a book as well as numerous articles for blogs and for a couple of print magazines.  I also author the blog, Crusades and Crusaders (www.crusadesandcrusaders.com) which chronicles the history of the Crusades and of the men who played a dominant role in these wars for the Holy Land.  As part of my self-study on the history of the Crusades, I started writing a historical fiction that chronicles two men’s journey from Germany to the Holy Land where they defend the Kingdom of Jerusalem in the mid-late 12th century.

In May 2018 I began a web writing and social media certificate online through the University of Toronto.  The certificate program consists of three courses: Copy Writing that Sells (in other words, writing ads), Copy Writing for Social Media and Writing for the Web.  I recently completed the ad writing course and aspire to complete the certificate program early next Spring.

I am incredibly passionate about landscaping and photography, but I just can’t ignore my love for writing.  That is why, in addition to landscaping and photography, I am offering copy writing as part of Adventurous Worker.

If you are another business owner, you probably struggle to find the time to update your business blog on a regular basis.  You want to build your customer base and make more money.  At the same time, you also want to establish meaningful, lasting connections with your customers because, after all, you value them.  But, how do you do that without being in their face with the “Buy now!” message?

Often, the best way to sell a product or service, especially if you are a Startup, is to build brand awareness.  Brand awareness involves building trust with prospective customers.  And building trust doesn’t entail boasting about how great your product or services is all the time.

Here is how I can help:

Provide me with detailed information about your company and I will write blog articles that highlight the following:

  • Your background credentials
  • Your life experiences that have moved you to create your business
  • How your service/product has/will satisfy people’s needs and/or desires
  • Turn a customer’s testimonial into a story.  Perhaps I will be that customer and will write you a story based on how your product or service has benefited me.
  • Past events and upcoming events you will host or that you will take part in.
  • Your involvement in your community

For information on rates, call or text 604-989-1835 or email deannaproach@gmail.com.  As part of my mission to help you succeed, I will give you a one hour consultation free of charge.



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