Over the past three years, I’ve worked a few different jobs. I can’t say I’ve enjoyed every moment of every job. Like life in general, every work experience I’ve had thus far has included good times and bad. Yet, I am very thankful and grateful for every job I’ve had as I have learnt new skills, built on existing ones and have evolved in the process. However, it has always been my heart’s desire to break away and start my own business. The opportunity finally presented itself to me yesterday.


I thoroughly enjoy the company I have been working for since early April of this year, but the calling to be self-employed tugged so hard, I could no longer ignore it. However, rather than quit my landscaping job, I made an arrangement with my boss to continue working for him as a sub-contractor.

For the first time in my landscaping journey, I installed a hedge. And I did it completely on my own! I didn’t want to admit to my boss my insecurity of doing such a difficult task by myself, especially given how heavy those trees were (all fourteen of them). However, I rose to the challenge.

I’ve already lined up a few clients for work and am already thinking about how I can make a positive impact in their lives beyond the work I perform for them. Perhaps, in the near future, I will hire an assistant — someone who shares the same core values as myself — and pay that person a decent wage.

I also love to travel! It’s been a year and a half since I returned home from Germany and I’m getting the itch to travel again. Self-employment will give me that option.

A specialty of The Nomadic Kitchen, a new company run by my cousin, Sonja and her partner, Katija.


I aspire to work as a photographer and copy writer as that is where my true passion lies. However, I haven’t yet completed the photography course I’m taking through the Photography Institute and I’ve only just begun the Web Writing and Social Media certificate which I am doing online through the University of Toronto. With regards to photography, I’m in the process of building my portfolio and deciding which genre(s) I’d like to focus on for work.


Yet, I can’t deny that I enjoy landscaping. As hard and unpleasant it is at times, breathing in the fresh, Spring air and feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin as I work my body to the level of trim and fit I desire, is incredibly satisfying. The end result of my work, the look of satisfaction on clients’ faces and all the compliments I receive are incredibly rewarding. The colourful blooms on shrubs, all varying in size, as well as the richness of green-tones in their leaves is soothing to my soul.

Needless to say, I live in a place where landscaping is really high in demand. So to is cleaning, another service I have decided to offer alongside landscaping, photography and copy writing.

Exciting times ahead for sure. I look forward to being of good service to my community and to those I encounter in my future travels.





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