What does it take to be an amazing photographer? Well, I am still working towards achieving that goal and, because I don’t want to turn this into another cliché article on how to become an amazing photographer, I am going to turn this into a series of short stories that will chronicle my photography journey.

While visiting my brother over Christmas break, we drove from Dawson Creek to Grand Prairie to drop our parents off at the airport. I had, for some time, wanted to purchase an SLR camera with the intention of taking my passion for photography to the next level.

After spending some time, checking out different cameras and their corresponding price ranges, I decided I was going to make the purchase in Grand Prairie. I settled on the Canon Rebel after my cousin, Sonja, a seasoned photographer, recommended that camera to me. So, in Grand Prairie, I purchased a Canon Rebel T6.

Last October, I enrolled in a photography course offered through the Photography Institute. On a side note, the course is not cheap, but it’s a fantastic course. The course material delves deep into the art and science of photography and my tutor has been really supportive and encouraging in his feedback on my assignments. Although I am still progressing through this course at a slower pace than I desire, I feel like it has helped me improve in my photo making tremendously. I recommend this course to any aspiring photographer. It’s well worth the money.

However, since I began the photography course a couple of months before I bought my Canon Rebel, the knowledge I had learnt was stuck in my head. It took time, a lot of playing around and a little frustration to apply that knowledge to my photography. However, with patience and persistence, I got the hang of it. Though, I still am in the process of learning my camera probably because I don’t get out as much as I should to practice. That’s something I realize I need to work on.



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