Upon entering Germany for the first time, I spent four days with my relatives — Dieter, Karen and Janna — in Verden, a quiet village near Bremen in Northwestern Germany. The city centre (in the photo above) is a fifteen minute walk from where Dieter and his family live.


Although the land in northwestern Germany is flat, there are vast acres of forest which compliment the area.

The day after I arrived, Janna took me for a walk through the forest, which is across the street from where they live, and into a sand dune.

I thought it was rather strange to see a sand dune in northern Germany, where the weather isn’t hot and dry year round, but Dieter later explained that the sand may have been the result of a glacial deposit. Moreover, it may be the result of wind erosion. Regardless, it felt nice to take off my sandals and walk barefoot in the sand. Since it was a hot day, the only thing I wished for was a lake.



This is Janna and her dog (the photo above). Actually, this dog does not belong to Janna, rather it belongs to friends of hers. They let her take care of the dog while they work.

Janna is a very busy lady: she attends university at night, works part time in an accounting office and as a dog trainer on the weekends. Dogs are her real passion: she is building her own dog-training business which she plans to do on the side for now.

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